Student Program

The Humanness Project is launching a nationwide campaign to bring students into the core of a democracy-building movement. We want to provide students with the tools they need to be catalysts for change in the communities surrounding their campuses and in their own communities back home.

Therefore, we are providing students with the tools they need to be savvy and effective advocates for real democracy through trainings on organizing, creative campaign ideas, and access to people-powered resources — all for no cost.

Our program is an excellent opportunity for students interested in social sciences, politics, economics, environmental science, international relations, or those who just want to make the world a better place. Students can acquire hands-on experience with non-profit work, community organizing and development, and democratic engagement.

They may even gain experience with alternative business models or alternative energy projects. Additionally, students who are working with The Humanness Project will have opportunities for internships in a variety of roles including campaign development, communications, journalism, writing, editing, publishing, and more.

The Work:

The Humanness Project is assisting students in building and facilitating direct democracy structures in local communities — places and processes for citizens to come together on equal-footing to share information and take action on issues that effect them. This involves finding space in the community to bring citizens together, organizing and facilitating assembly meetings, and training citizen participants to maintain assemblies.

The goals are to help guide citizens to engage in a political process that empowers them and builds a synergy where community members solve their own problems both by impacting the current political system and by creating alternatives.

The desired result is to shift the way people engage in politics away from a polarized debate and toward a process that helps find solutions that satisfy all needs. This requires that people use an open-minded approach that recognizes that more than one side of an issue can be true. Through this process, citizens will have more access to information and they will also realize that there are possibilities for solutions that they never would have imagined without coming together. We want to create a better society by changing how people interact and trust them to find the best solutions for themselves.

The Benefits:

We want to provide young people with an opportunity to be leaders in our movement. Therefore, we offer students unparalleled opportunities for leadership, education, personal and professional growth, and a unique chance to make a global impact.

The most important benefit to students is the opportunity to make the world a better place. We are seeking students who want to make a difference — idealists who want a better world — and we are offering them a way to do it. What’s better, we are offering it in a non-traditional way. We are offering something new. Not only will students be an essential part of this movement, they will create it!

Because we take such a different approach to social change, students have vast opportunities to build this project and to create new opportunities.  Once students build direct democracy structures in their own communities, they will also be participating in those structures. As participants, they will be able to create whatever project, campaign, business, or organization they want to help meet the needs of the community.

To accomplish all this, we offer students significant training that will help build their resumes and prepare them to work in a wide variety of roles in any organization or business. Our trainings teach essential skills like how to implement outreach strategies and campaign tactics, relationship building, team building, and participatory democracy facilitation. We also hold discussions with students to help them become even more open-minded and to train them on how to approach others in an open-minded way. We teach students about power dynamics, as well as about the economy and alternative methods. We are also working to connect students with other groups that can provide additional support including anti-oppression and mediation trainings.

Experience with The Humanness Project will also include help build skills such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, social media campaigning, event planning, and more. Training will be ongoing and include significant guidance from our organizer to help students accomplish the work.

Finally, once the direct democracy structures gain some traction, there will be plenty of organizational work to be done. Therefore, we will be offering internships for student leaders to help build our program. Our vision for Humanness Project internships is to break away from the current model that uses interns for insignificant labor. While we are unable to monetarily compensate students, we will not simply assign students trivial tasks. We want to give students opportunities to gain meaningful experience with proper guidance.

We will develop the internships with students based on what areas they want to gain experience in and based on our organizational needs. For example, we can develop internships for students interested in community organizing, communications, program and campaign development, and some administrative roles. We also have a research, writing, and journalism component for students interested in those fields. Additionally, we have a small publishing company – The Humanness Project Press – that we are developing to help fund our work. Students interested in media and publishing will have opportunities with the press as well.

Who We Are Looking for:

The Humanness Project will be fueled by the creativity, knowledge, energy, and optimism of students. We are looking for students who are catalysts for change on campus — someone who is ready to rise to the challenge and provide others with guidance and purpose in the face of uncertainty. We want to connect with idealists who want to make the world a better place and who believe in the power of people! If you have the desire to create change, we can help you channel it.

If you’re up for the challenge, we want to hear from you. To join our movement, email us at

Another world IS possible and you can make it so.


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