Book Publishing: Submission Guidelines

The Humanness Project Press is currently accepting inquiries for book submissions.

If your book correlates with our mission and purpose please send an email to For consideration you must include a brief synopsis of your book, how it fits in with our mission, and an author bio. If your book is a good fit, we will request a full book proposal. Please review our services and publishing packages below before sending an inquiry.

Editing Services

Beta Reading and Editing (.0025 cents per word): Beta editing is usually done on a first or second draft, and involves an analysis of plot, character, style, exposition, and other critical story elements.  This includes comprehensive consulting via email, phone, or video chat if necessary.

Copy Editing (.003 cents per word): Line editing is done on a second or later draft, and consists of detailed, line-by-line editing for sentence structure, content flow, factual errors, logical flaws, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We read through the document at least once for grammatical and structural changes and then a second time for content. Typically, manuscripts require several readings. This prepares a manuscript for typesetting (see below). This includes comprehensive consulting via email, phone, or video chat.

Proofreading (.0015 cents per word): Proofreading is done on a final draft or proof copy just before publication. It is a line-by-line correction of spelling, grammar, minor sentence structure issues, and errors or omissions that may have resulted from the typesetting phase. This includes comprehensive consulting via email, phone, or video chat.

Editing Packages:

Full Editing Package—Beta, Copy, and Proof (.006 cents per word): A three-step plan with all editing services including consultations.

Partial Editing Package—Copy and Proof (.004 cents per word): A two-step plan with all editing services including consultations.

*Note: Authors who wish to publish with the Humanness Project Press get the Partial Editing Package included in their publishing package, but may request a Full Editing Package for an additional fee.

Interior Design

Interior Design and Typesetting (.0025 cents per word): Includes fonts, tracking, kerning and leading, chapter arrangement, illustration placement, and paragraph and page design.

Front Matter and Back Matter (110 dollars): We will create and design your title page, half title page, copyright page, table of contents, and endorsements. This fee includes your International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN) plus the purchase and shipment of two books required by the Library of Congress. An index is not included in this package but is optional for an additional 25 dollars.

Cover Design

Book cover (300 dollars): We provide professional cover design including front cover, back cover, spine, and placement of synopsis, bio, author photo, price, ISBN, BISAC (Book Industry Standards and Communications) Code, and our logo. This includes consultation sessions, two to three concept designs, and two rounds of revisions.

Publishing Packages

Authors who are accepted for publication by THPP are required to purchase the publishing package which includes the partial editing package and interior deign and typesetting service at a discounted rate of .0055 cents per word. Accepted authors are also required to purchase front and back matter and book cover services. This ensures that the editing style and cover design of books published by THPP are consistent with our brand.

We are a small publishing company that believes strongly in supporting its authors and helping them benefit their own work.

While we do require an initial payment, the advantage of publishing with us is that we keep a very small percentage of book sales, allowing the author to keep most of the profit. We automatically distribute your book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and we work with authors to get it into local bookstores and on IndieBound. After accounting for printing costs, our publishing cut is only 10%. The rest of the profit is yours to keep!

*Note: Bookstores and online booksellers like Amazon require a wholesale discount of 20-55%.



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